Bunga ng Langit

Bunga ng Langit

Bunga ng Langit articulates Spirit. Astrology and Tarot are languages – philosophical matrices of humanity in the mundane world. Siddharta strives to establish building blocks so that we may develop, and practice, rigorous and respectful vocabularies of our spirit-centered practices through texts (Cipher), offerings (Initiate), and classes (Divine).

Bunga ng Langit, When Cosmos take Form, is for future ancestors who connect the embodied and the invisible. Bunga ng Langit is both from the heavens – “the skies’ bloom”– and for the heavens. Embody the invisible, ensoul the world.

September lunations & ingresses

Friday 15 Sep 2023

New Moon in Virgo 21°59′ 0929 SGT

Friday 29 Sep 2023

Full Moon in Aries 06°00′ 1757 SGT


Venus DIRECT motion 
Monday 04 Sep

04 Sep – 30 Dec

Mercury DIRECT motion
Saturday 16 Sep

**Saturn in retrograde motion through Pisces 18 June – 4 November**


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