Bunga ng Langit


Transcend your subjectivity – counsel & covenant in the hermeneutics of cartomancy and Astrology.


Astrology is a rich, breathing language of the planetary spheres disclosing material (embodied worlds. You are a cosmos in process, you are a person in process: astrology gives insight into archetypal systems moving through you. The signatures of the networks performing in the skies are graphed in your natal chart. Called your nativity, this chart aids you in materializing the mythos of your cosmic work. 

Astrology organizes empiricism with storytelling. It is a copious and generous field that gives room to an astrologer’s ideological formation, epistemic methods, and mythology: that is why its scholarship and practice endure through the ages.  

If you like slideshow presentations, dialogic and educational conversations, and surprise appearances of classical archetypes, I am your astrologer. Please consider an astrology session if you are inclined towards a certain degree of methodical commentary. This type of reading is also for you if you are planning for disciplined ways of taking care of yourself. 

I offer two readings under Astrology.

  1. Shape my Natal Chart looks at the optimal actions, behavioral and relational challenges or ease while referring to your present circumstances. Examples of what I read out for are troubles nudging at you but remain veiled, superpowers ripe for wielding, or planetary signatures you could give in to, sacrifice for, and celebrate.
  2. On the other hand, Sketch my Transits is predicated on your Natal Chart to calibrate personal cycles, giving guidance to optimal times for action and non-action. The dynamics of planetary weather are superimposed on your nativity. Examples of what I read out for are the energetic levels for the year, tracking growth in specific areas of your life, timing certain relationships to planet motions. Sketch my Transits is an invitation to ways you can reconfigure your relationship to Time. **This reading is recommended only after we’ve had a Natal Chart session. 

(Image: Star 2 by Zeus Bascon)



Cartomancy mediates spirit and mind. Reading with Tarot is influenced by the axis of the subterranean and the overtly (self-)conscious. Because of the physical mediation of this world of cards, images, and archetypes, the tarot can support you in recognizing the uncoordinated confrontation between the mind, emotional bodies, and social conditioning. The offering that happens is discerning the promise of the soul

The images and the grammar between these pictorial worlds in cards are a vessel where Spirit finds a voice through your blooming conscious, the thorny impasse of your thinking and comfort zones that no longer serve you. 

If your thinking space is no longer giving you a big curious picture of your situation, and if you are interested in viewing reality from the lens of spirit, I am your reader. Please consider Reading with Tarot if you are inclined towards wandering through imagery and more intuitive/poetic explorations. 

I offer two readings under Tarot.

  1. Read me a Scenic View is an 11-card spread going deep and around your present circumstances, the factors influencing your present, the symbolic companions in this scene, and the invitations on how to move through your preoccupation in a soulful way.
  2. Read me my Year Ahead identifies lessons, teachers, and actions to journey with in a year. After this principle line, 12 other cards are drawn as monthly invitations.

(Image: Blue Ink by Zeus Bascon)



** NOTE: Books remain closed; Siddharta is on a Dark Moon season. However, please sign up below so that we may get in touch with you as soon as schedules open up. If you are new Bunga ng Langit, please get to know how we work through this article.

If you feel called to a reading, please enter your information and state the type of offering you are signing up for. I will direct you to my scheduling page and clarify terms of exchange.