Bunga ng Langit


From initiation to ceremony – structured learning, workshops and circles relating to practice, creativity and visionary living.


Portals are private, closed-door circles of committed individuals looking to share their stories of living with esoteric, spiritual and strange practices. Planned seasonally, these circles unfurl in a series of meetings that also accommodate parallel means of communicating with one another. The program structure of Portals ranges from topical fireside chats to activity-focused containers that support the personal growth of the members of the circles. Portals are meant to escort solitary excursions into a collective understanding of humanity’s multidimensionality.

Mercury’s helpers is ready for animation. Others Portals will open in 2022, and will require applications to gauge the commitment and generosity in your interested participation. Please sign up at the home page to receive news on the kinds of Portals opening up.

(Image: Portal 4 by Zeus Bascon)


Thresholds are workshops on the languages of Astrology, Tarot and, occasionally, creative practices. Bunga ng Langit’s mode of Reading is tied to teaching the principles and heuristic devices of esoteric disciplines. Thresholds, then, offer structured methods of understanding the components of astrology and the iconology in Tarot, while offering tools in transforming our experiences with Time, our relationship with our imagination, and the ways we champion our individual and collective flourishing.

Thresholds will open in 2022. Please sign up at the home page to receive news on these upcoming workshops.


(Image: Star boy by Zeus Bascon)

EVENTs & Study material

Podcast Series: World & Under

To accompany your monthly Tarot draws, this series translates the iconography in cards and refines how you ask your deck questions. Coming from my first

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Mercury’s Helpers

Portal 1: Mercury’s Helpers A breathing & writing circle (continuous) spirare. The root of aspire, conspire, expire, inspire, perspire, transpire. Breathe toward, breathing together. Breath

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