Bunga ng Langit


Mercury’s Helpers

Tulala from Lani Maestro’s “Quiet Rooms” (2001, Galerie de l’UQAM).

Portal 1: Mercury’s Helpers

A breathing & writing circle (continuous)

spirare. The root of aspire, conspire, expire, inspire, perspire, transpire. Breathe toward, breathing together. Breath out, breathe into. The breaths through and across. ☿️

Mercury’s Helpers is a portal for everyone initiating a committed and straightforward practice to understand what makes up the space of your mind. This circle invokes Mercury, the connector & the magician. In Mercury’s glyph ☿️, the mind/spirit (the circle) serves the soul (the semi-circle). Our bodies (the cross) is the vessel where we give our intellect direction.

In this circle, we breathe and write together. We get to understand the ways our minds habitually work and how we can use these tools to integrate our perceptions into reality. We survey the space and clarify tasks to get us into the stance of àṣẹ – the power to make things manifest through us (not from us). There are two practices introduced in this portal: timed breathing and timed writing. You are encouraged to commit to this daily. Collectively, we meet twice a week to support one another. Practices are brutal when you’re on your way to making them a habit. Collectively, we become accountable individually.

To join Mercury’s Helpers, send a message on the invocation space of the Home page.