Bunga ng Langit

Siddharta x Bunga ng Langit

Siddharta x
Bunga ng Langit

Bunga ng Langit is Siddharta’s space that works towards articulating how tools like the tarot and astrology affect and better our understanding of one another and the world. You are invited to validate your hunches and attraction to these techniques here. Bunga ng Langit celebrates the rise of astrology, cartomancy, and other material languages that evoke your journey in transcending worldly limitations of identity. 

Siddharta is informed by her work as a curator: bridging histories, archives, and stories with material, human devices like language, space, and visualization. That means her work with Bunga ng Langit sprouts from the mundane (in astrology, this means world-bound, manufactured socializations, politics) to offer you a scaffolding on the non-material and invisible lives that we simultaneously experience.

Consider Bunga ng Langit a working station where you can begin actualizing your mutable and infallible knowledge of what these tools can do for you. Perhaps you recognize Siddharta’s embodiment and journey with such practices, wherein you’d like to locate your own attitude towards various resources, schools, worship communities, and inherited knowledge. Or perhaps, like Siddharta, you haven’t found the guides or methods you desire to commit to, so you realize it’s really up to you to inform yourself well. In this light, Bunga ng Langit is Siddharta’s approach to desiring rigor towards what we consume as instruction. 

Bunga ng Langit is just one manifestation of an ongoing practice that steps up to learned beliefs on knowledge systems like astrology and tarot that have a long-standing (social and mythical) history. Siddharta respects the intelligence of these systems by providing texts (Cipher), offerings (Initiate), and classes (Divine). Through Bunga ng Langit’s inception to the public sphere, Siddharta has held reading sessions regulated professionally, held unique workshops and talks that triangulate tarot with artworks and art practices, and experimented with these divination principles in her curatorial projects.

(Siddharta wishes to thank website mages Martin Vidanes and Derek Tumala for building this house.)


Embody the invisible, ensoul the world.