Bunga ng Langit


Podcast Series: World & Under

To accompany your monthly Tarot draws, this series translates the iconography in cards and refines how you ask your deck questions. Coming from my first Year Ahead sessions, every episode considers the imagery and potential messages of 5 cards.

Episode 0 | 1 Feb 2022: The first episode of this series introduces the Tarot and how to develop a relationship with this artefactual tool. How far do you go with your Tarot practice? How deliberate do you consider your approaches to meaning-making? At the end of the podcast, we return to Tarot as a radical space where our subjectivities are questioned, and re-made. (Music by Phorid.)

Episode 1 | 13 Feb 2022: Now diving into the associations between cards in the Tarot, with five February cards drawn from five Year Ahead readings: The Fool, The Hermit, The Tower, 10 of Cups and Ace of Pentacles. The time stamp for my translations on each card are below, but I encourage you to listen to the ways they craft a story of coming from (The Fool) and returning to (The Hermit) source. How do you pick yourself up from a Tower phase, especially when you know you have to choose yourself (Ten of Cups) in order to initiate a life of devotion (Ace of Pentacles).

00:39 – Composition of figures and their comparative stories. Thinking through objects in the images and the stances of the figures in the cards.
09:17 – The Fool
17:31 – The Hermit
25:00 – The Tower
33:00 – 10 of Cups
38:20 – Ace of Pentacles